Before you start placing your first Facebook ads, there are some important things that you should do to make sure that your Facebook page is ready for visitors!  Just having a Facebook Fan page is not enough.  Remember the adage: No piece of marketing material should ever leave your desk without a call to action.  Your Facebook Fan page is just that: another piece of marketing material.  Let’s look at some examples of companies that “get” it. 

1. Your Facebook Page Profile Photo.  
If you are your brand, then be sure to post your photo on your Facebook page profile.  People want to see who they are doing business with.  Nancy does a pretty good job here.  She has links to her other social media profiles and her blog, asks a question where the answer is always “yes”, and has an easy to understand statement of what she offers.  In this case she says she will help you “go from connections to conversions”.  Now who would not want that?!  The call to action on this graphic is a little weak.. it is “Let’s connect”.  Better to have some time of free offer to get people to opt-in to collect their email addresses.

facebook profile 

Pagemodo on the other hand does not quite “get” it.  They have what would be considered a simple banner ad… without the ad!  What is lacking is a clear call to action and a reason to act NOW. 


2. Custom Landing Pages. 
Don’t let your prospects land on your wall!  In Facebook the success of your page is all about Likes.  If someone lands on your page and they don’t click the Like button, your chances of being able to market to them again have just decreased.  There are basically two actions you want people to take when they land on your page: To click the “Like” button, and to give you their name and email address in an opt-in form. “Gets” it.  When you land on their page you can see a background image of what they will see AFTER they click the like button.  The call to action is clear: Click on the Like button and you will receive a free Facebook  Pages eBook instantly!




After you click on the Link button, there are no more hoops to jump through. You can immediately download your free report.  (Which by the way is an awesome resource everyone should get if you are interested in having a successful Facebook page!) 

allfacebook ebook 


Pagemodo does a little better here.  For a company that says their job is to help you make landing pages, they have a little way to go.  To watch the video you have to click the Like button but you can click off and away from the page without first clicking the like button.  There are two different call to actions.  One assures the possibility of being able to market to them in the future, the second will send to a landing page to create a Free Page but without first requiring an optin of some type, the possibility of being able to market to them again in the future is decreased.

pagemodo facebook 

Get 10,000 Fans “gets” it.  Their landing page has a custom tab called “Free Gift”.  There is ONE call to action: To click on the Like button to reveal the video.  They also use some good copywriting there calling it the “Secret” video.  Nice job guys! 

Big Red arrows draw the eyes to the Like button and they even have second call to action to suggest to friends. Even though there are two call to actions here, I like it as it is unobtrusive and is great for after someone likes the page.

 pagemodo like 

The video is revealed after the Like button is clicked and yet another call to action is revealed.  After watching the video which is created to make you want more, there is an optin form for your email address to get instant access to their offer.

free gift offer 

 Train Baseball also “gets” it.  There are two call to actions: to like the page and to add your email address for instant access.  Both assure that they will be able to market to the prospect a second time.

train baseball 

If they don’t capture the lead the first time, Train Baseball has a second tab called FREE Chart where they take another shot at getting the prospect to Like the page and give up their email address.  Nice!  Note you can also create separate tabs for custom Facebook ads.  Having separate tabs is an easy way to create separate landing pages for each of your prospects.

free chart

 3. Have an offer!
Within your Facebook Page you can add a custom tab with your offer on it!  This is the first time I have seen someone put a whole one page sales letter complete with a Buy Now button inside of their Facebook Fan page.  Awesome job guys! 


 facebook fan page

 You want to see these examples for yourself?  Go check them out here:

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