As a busy entrepreneur in ecommerce, there are so many things to be tackled!  There’s building relationships with vendors, webmasters and clients.  There’s the task of hiring employees to provide customer support.  There’s getting a product up and running and maintaining inventory control or coordinating drop shipping.  The list goes on and on.  But here’s the thing; nothing happens without web traffic.

So priority #1 is finding the best and most efficient way to create and increase web traffic.  How to do it?  Easy.  Write compelling articles for online submissions.  This is how you drive traffic to your site.  Writing articles and publishing those articles online creates a face for your site.  This is where you sell yourself.  Demonstrate your knowledge of your industry, product or service, and you will be viewed as an expert.  Be viewed as an expert and you will be trusted.  People do business with People they trust.

Knowing that you have most likely spent a great deal of time preparing your ecommerce site for business, I’m guessing you probably have the best content throughout its pages.  While you get an “E” for Effort here, to really win big you’ve got to make sure that the public sees that content.  Without that, there are no sales.  Well written articles produced by our team contain prime SEO content coupled with a few backlinks to your site.  Backlinks are the very life of an ecommerce site, as they carry web traffic like your veins carry blood.

There’s another reason why links are important; they make your site more popular.  The most popular sites are the ones who show up first when a consumer performs a google search.  So, you could pay loads of money and spend hours upon hours managing pay per click campaigns; or you could incorporate a great article writing campaign as part of your internet marketing strategy and see higher rankings and increase web traffic organically.

In order for articles to benefit you, they need to be placed on sites that get attention.  There are many, and our team knows which to use and which to pass by.  Because online directories for article submissions all have varying requirements, we take the pressure off of the business owner by taking on the time consuming task of writing, linking, and article submissions with a great amount of creativity and professionalism.

The articles we write are optimized for readers and for search engines. That means we research the topics we write about, assess the personality of the company issuing the article, and do some digging to find out about topics readers find interesting. We blend all components together in order to gain the benefits of ranking for the article, which will gain visibility.  A visible article with an informative voice and links to your site WILL generate web traffic.   I want to restate the principle mentioned above.  People do business with people they know.  Through online article submissions, you can become that person everyone knows.  Let us take care of the busy work while you carry on the important task of operating a booming business.