Twitter Tools to Help You Twitter More Effectively

As Twitter has become one of the most popular social networking tools, there have been hundreds of Twitter tools that have been created to help you Twitter more effectively. Though you do not need any tools to use Twitter they sure can help you find people and information more easily and keep your Twitterings organized. [...]

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Part 2: How and Why of Social Media

Broadcasting into the Social Universe Part One in this series started describing the social media universe in smaller, bite-sized chunks. Creating content is a relatively simple step and most businesses can use intellectual capital, they already possess to create content. Because this step can’t happen without new content, the one thing I didn’t mention yesterday [...]

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Improving Writing Strategies for SEO Businesses

Search engine optimization needs reliable and responsible article writers for the business to be more successful. Aside from assignment of correct keywords from different clients, it is also required to have powerful articles using these words for the internet surfers to get more trustworthy ideas for important purposes. These are the reasons why article writers [...]

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Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level!

What would you do with 400% more leads? How does make more money sound? Or work less hours? Sounds pretty good, right? Well, Popup Domination is proven to increase your subscribers by over 400%. You have the chance to double your income in less than 30 days! More than 8,000 customers, including many internet millionaires [...]

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Step 3: Listening

Step three in the five-step process that leverages social media for business is listening to your tribe, and adjusting your methods. Listening occurs through feedback tools that measure and rank your social media effectiveness. Listening also occurs through Facebook and Twitter, which gives the business owner direct connection to your customers, clients, stakeholders and prospects. [...]

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SEO Success in 3 Simple Steps

The internet has become a useful and powerful tool to make our lives easier. Going though a quick search you can now find anything you want to know like important events in history, see amazing pictures of something you think you’ll never see, listen to that band that sends shivers down yours spine and now [...]

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Using Social Media and the Internet to get Your Business Noticed

Back before the days of the Internet, small business owners advertised in the newspaper, on the radio and also on local television stations to help get their company exposure. All of those archaic advertising methods were expensive and inefficient. Now-a-days, small business proprietors can get the word out about their products and services to thousands [...]

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Outsourcing Your Hubpages is a Smart Decision

As we know by now, the number one way to get free traffic to your website is to write great articles and post them on article sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages and Ezinearticles. However, if you are an internet business owner you know how difficult it can be to find the time to write quality [...]

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Step 5: Connecting

Finally, your ongoing presence in the social universe connects personally with your growing audience. Pushing information outbound is the first step. This process creates what I referred to as Inbound Marketing attraction. Now that your prospects are contacting you, via these social channels and email, Facebook, Twitter, your blog comments and your email become the [...]

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