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Article Writing Taking All Your Time? From unique product descriptions to helpful tips and articles, articles for distribution, and blog posting, content creation is a never ending job.  Finding an economical yet effective and efficient way to outsource article writing is a tough job.  Until you can afford to hire your own in house or [...]

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A Well Written Article Can Increase Web Traffic

As a busy entrepreneur in ecommerce, there are so many things to be tackled!  There’s building relationships with vendors, webmasters and clients.  There’s the task of hiring employees to provide customer support.  There’s getting a product up and running and maintaining inventory control or coordinating drop shipping.  The list goes on and on.  But here’s [...]

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Increase Conversion using Video Marketing

You’ve taken the necessary steps to create an ecommerce business.  You’ve chosen the product or service that will sell, and now you just need to get the word out to consumers that you have what they need.  This is where internet video marketing comes in.  Most of the highly successful websites use marketing techniques with [...]

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Article Marketing Strategy for 2012

Recently here at StartRankingNow we have been running a test to see what exactly are the best article directories to submit articles to.  There are many sites that will provide a list of the top 10 article directories to submit articles to based on Page Rank, but just because a site has a PR of [...]

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Press Releases

Link Building Busy business owners know that their time is more valuable than to be digging in the trenches!  Let us do the routine heavy lifting of link building work for you! There was a time that "If you build it, they will come", still held true.  Not today.  Today you need to anounce your [...]

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Using Press Releases to Grow your Business

As you flit from one time consuming project to another, trying to grow your ecommerce business, you likely spend time on many different internet marketing strategies.  This is wise.  Time consuming, but wise.  Technology demands that ecommerce sites take the extra steps to be seen.  Those who don’t take those extra steps to develop a [...]

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Why is High Quality Content Important?

In today’s world, everybody receives their news and entertainment and manages every aspect of their lives with the help of technology. This is why it is extremely important for businesses to take advantage of today’s latest software and gadgets to make the most of their money. One technological advancement that is perfect for many businesses [...]

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How to Write a Press Release Headline that Will Get Read

When writing a press release for your company or latest product or service, one of the most important steps is to develop a headline that people and journalists will want to read. As easy as this sounds, it can be one of the most difficult steps in creating a great press release. What seems like [...]

Essential Tips for Website Content Writing

An effective website attains readership, obtains retention, and generates revenue. Relevant content makes your website effective and to achieve this, you need to follow these essential tips for website content writing. Keep your ideas clear and concise. While you can gear your writing towards your target readers, it’s beneficial to keep your ideas comprehensive to [...]

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